Review about Wig-O-Mania UK hair brand CSS HS


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I’m a foreigner, I used a product that damaged my hair so I had to cut it super short making me look like a boy. Got my first wig till my hair grows back on. Aysha and all the staf...

Rene Souza

28 Mar, 2023


Professional people to get the hair system done. Their service and product are top notch quality. I would like to greatly appreciate customer service By manager Ayisha, she is such...

Balaji Sundaresan

26 Mar, 2023


Thank you so much for your 5 Star rating. Wig-O-Mania team endeavours to make a difference in people's lives with it's exclusive range of products and services too. We are happy we...

Nicholas Prabhu

14 Mar, 2023


Very friendly people who takes care of customers' condition and demand. Will definitely visit again and recommend

Hem Boodadoo

28 Feb, 2023


Very nice work and generous in making customers understand the dos and don't verbally and visually. Best best to keep up the same professionalism.

Kailasam gunasekaran

28 Feb, 2023


I chanced upon this site while in search of a wig after a medical condition. I was skeptical on ordering such a thing online without seeing, touching and fitting it. A casual Hi o...

Manoj Vakil

15 Feb, 2023


Really happy Using their product for past 4 years. The product life is amazing and their service stands out. Referred to many of my friends and they are also happy. The most import...

Movie My

30 Jan, 2023


I was first skeptical on going for a wig due to my baldness but wig o mania gave us a neat consultation which improved my confidence. Later during the service it was very comfortab...


28 Jan, 2023


I am so happy with the product and the best part is nobody can differentiate it from my original hair👍❤️

Viji Venkat

27 Jan, 2023